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Hi there, I am Mama Rae, 
cook extraordinaire!
I am an accomplished gluten, dairy, and refined sugar free food artist. 

My specialty is cooking food with heaven in every bite that changes peoples perception of what food tastes like!

And now I want to teach YOU how to cook nutritious, delicious food that nourishes you from the inside out. 

I will show you that cooking truly can be as easy as falling off a log - and that you can have FUN along the way! 

Join my eKitchen and let me help you master the art of preparing simple and tasty food that both YOU and your body will love.

I look forward to getting in the kitchen with you soon!
Health food has become a fad in our modern world – but most people still feel overwhelmed when it comes to preparing the right meals.


Most people don’t realize how TASTY clean food can be!

If you want to learn how to prepare delicious food that is:
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Refined Sugar Free, and 
  • Vegan Friendly!
Join Mama Rae’s Soul Food eKitchen as she draws on
60 years’ experience with cooking to show you how to easily nourish your
body, mind and soul.
In this online cooking journey with Mama Rae, you will:
  •  Learn how to cook DELICIOUS dishes for yourself and loved ones through How-To videos
  •  Get in the the kitchen with Mama Rae as she reveals the secrets of healthy cooking
  •  Unleash your inner chef and learn to feed yourself well in a time and cost efficient way
  •  Discover healthier alternatives for your favourite treats
  •  Explore the connection between mind, body and the food you eat 
Mama Rae will also share essential tips for lasting wellness as well as how to increase your vitality and brain performance!
Mama Rae will share the philosophies behind her cooking AND
show you that eating well can be EASY.

NOTE: The recipes Mama Rae will teach you how to make in the Soul Food eKitchen have
ALL been 
big hits with clients and loved ones!
You can participate in the eKitchen from the comfort of your lounge room – or your kitchen!
The dishes you will learn how to make in the eKitchen include:
  • Raw chocolate mousse 
  • Easy snacks and treats
  • Delicious vegetarian curries 
  • Savoury slices & quiches 
  • Tasty cakes and desserts
  • Quick & easy stir fry dishes 
  • ​​Decadent raw cheesecakes
  • ​​Side dishes to go with any meal
  • Puddings and tarts
  • Sweet & savoury biscuits
  • Delicious dips
  • Breakfast dishes & cereals
  • Breads & loafs
And SO much more!! 

Mama Rae will teach you how to replace ingredients, so you can customize recipes to suit your allergy, diet and taste preferences.
NOTE: You will receive access to the private members area for Mama Rae's Soul Food eKitchen and the private Facebook group when you join. Simply follow the prompts provided to you when you join (instructions will arrive with you on email).
Being part of the eKitchen is so much more than just cooking: you will be inspired as Mama Rae empowers you to take your health and well-being into your own hands and find the nourishment you need.
Mama Rae’s goal in the eKitchen is to do two things:

1. To have you fall in love with cooking


2. Have FUN!
You will become part of Mama Rae’s soul family when you enrol in the eKitchen and receive her love and support as you learn to nourish yourself!
Mama Rae's Soul Food eKitchen includes:
How-To Cooking Videos
Join Mama Rae in the kitchen as she shows you how to prepare a delicious & nutritious meal. Learn to cook a new recipe in each video with Mama Rae.
Mama Rae's Recipes
Your enrolment in the eKitchen includes full access to Mama Rae's library of recipes! Recipes for each dish will be posted underneath the cooking video.
Mama Rae's Shopping Lists
Download and print the shopping lists from the members area and take them to the supermarket with you! This will make your shopping time for meal preparation simple & easy.
Q&A with Mama Rae
Ask Mama Rae questions about health and cooking anytime via the private Facebook group (for eKitchen members ONLY) and master your cooking!
Mama Rae's Meal Planners
Stuck with ideas on what to eat? Use Mama Rae's meal planners for guidance and inspiration when planning your food for the coming week (or weeks). 
Home & Kitchen Tips
Mama Rae is SO much more than just cooking. In the eKitchen, she will also provide you with tips for a healthy home, kitchen AND heart!
Mama Rae will add new recipes, tips and how-to videos as the eKitchen progresses to help you become a master chef of food that tastes and feels amazing!
What people are saying about Mama Rae's Soul Food
Have you tasted DIVINE in every bite? LOVE also? You haven’t until you have tasted Mama Rae’s creations. If sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, loads of veggies and nutrition that tastes like magic is your thing, you will be in for a treat. I experienced Mama Rae’s food at Retreat to Write by Emily Gowor, and was blown away. Every meal, every mouthful was devoured. Seconds were asked for, ‘Mmmm’s!’ galore. And Mama Rae sat in delight with a huge smile on her face as her food nourished us. You can taste the love she not only cooks with, but puts into every single recipe! 
Thank you, Mama Rae, what a gift you are!!

I recently attended a retreat where the week was fully catered for. We were there to 'work' and it was so important that we could do so without the 'distraction' of having to get groceries and having to prepare meals etcetera. Mama Rae's Soul Food took care of all of that for us. But that wasn't all. Each meal was a delight. Each meal was better than the last. Each meal my tastes buds were discovering new sensations and you could certainly taste the tender loving care put into each bite. Mama Rae's Soul food really was amazing and allowed us to get on with what we were there to do.
John Pavone
I attended a week-long writers retreat which was catered for, exclusively by Mama Rae’s Soul Food. To say that this was a good thing is a massive understatement. Mama Rae not only makes the most incredible, natural, organic & diverse foods, but she also understands a very rare & important principal when it comes to preparing the food: She does so with absolute LOVE in her heart. The results? Heaven at every meal! There was an abundance of non-stop nutrition provided for our brains and bodies as we wrote our manuscripts. Thank you, Mama Rae. I wish I could have taken you home with me! I miss your meals AND your cuddles.
Ally Pinnock
I recently attended a retreat where Mama Rae catered for the whole event. 
The food for the entire week was not only delicious, yet healthy and more importantly filled with so much joy and love in every meal that she prepared. Mama Rae’s food is amazing and the energy and love that she installs in her food is inspirational.
Joanne Worthy
I loved all the new flavours I experienced from Mama Rae’s Soul Food. She puts so much care and attention into the food. My favourite meals were the baked cauliflower and her raspberry and vanilla cheesecake! Mama Rae worked tirelessly and without complaint to present the most beautiful and yummy meals. Even though we were eating constantly, many of us reported suspected weight loss and commented that our clothes fit better: proof that you can eat and lose weight at the same time if the food you are giving your body is the right stuff. Soul food is an understatement.
Britt Brennan
I immediately felt the health benefits of Mama Rae’s food! I felt energized after every meal. I loved all of the food she cooked. When you watch Mama Rae at work in the kitchen, you can see the love being added to the food throughout the process. The food comes to life when she laughs! Magic in action before your eyes!
Gerry Gleeson
You deserve to eat delicious & nutritious food - every single day. 

That's what Mama Rae's mission is: to help you THRIVE in your life
by learning how to prepare incredible meals that will
blow your friends, family and taste buds away!
Enrol In Mama Rae's Soul Food eKitchen Today...
And Start YOUR Cooking Journey!
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